Sinfonia 6 & 9

Are you looking for a glass fronted vending machine? One that is dedicated to can and bottle products, has a wide glass window to enhance the impulse to buy, has an innovative delivery system, has a low energy consumption and that can resist mild vandalism?


• Sturdy and fully insulated metal cabinet

• Large glass window

• L.E.D. lighting of the cabinet



Sinfonia 6

Height: 1830mm

Width: 950mm

Depth: 845mm

Weight: 290kg

Sinfonia 9

Height: 1830mm

Width: 1220mm

Depth: 845mm

Weight: 340kg

Crane -  BevMax4 - 35 Select / 45 Select

BevMax® 4 – 35 Select

Height: 1860mm

Width: 813mm

Depth: 990mm

Weight: 247kg

BevMax® 4 – 45 Select

Height: 1860mm

Width: 813mm

Depth: 1181mm

Weight: 333kg

The BevMax is a delight to operate. Enhanced choice drives throughput, and loading is quick and easy. This system is expertly designed to cope with cans and bottles of different shapes and sizes, available in two different sizes depending on your space and capacity requirements. The BevMax is highly economical to run, its LED lighting and quality insulation have helped it to an A++ rating for energy efficiency. Compatible with M.D.B. coin and cashless systems with intuitive menu programming and individual pricing by selection.



Diesis 500

Diesis is the most innovative solution currently available for the dispensing cold drinks in both cans and bottles. Its contemporary, stylish design and its intuitive interface guarantee a user-friendly experience. The compact dimensions have not affected the product capacity.


• Attractive and high impact aesthetics

• Wide photographic panel

• User friendly metallic interface with black polycarbonate inserts

• New ergonomic dispensing compartment

Diesis 500

Height: 1830mm

Width: 750mm

Depth: 1515mm with door open

Weight: 280kg

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