N&W Snakky Max Green Snack

The Snakky Max Green is designed to be banked next to most machines, offering high quality snack and drinks vending solutions for a variety of medium to large environments. This sturdy yet stylish machine includes the ability to customise various combinations of products for an array of environments. It is also available to cater for foods that wouldn’t be suited to normal vending machine conditions due to its innovative insulation cells and built-in temperature controls.


• Elegant design with a panoramic window

• Ergonomic delivery bin with block of the door

• Numeric membrane keypad

• Possibility to install up to three payment systems

• Acoustic signal after the product delivery


Height: 1830mm

Width: 735mm

Depth: 855mm

Weight: 225kg

Tango Snack Vending Machine

Tango has the capacity to offer a wide variety of products such as snacks, confectionery, cans or bottles – or a combination of all four. Simple design and excellent performance combine in a machine that delivers great value for money and enhances any environment from medium to large locations.


• Simple and elegant design

• Opera and Festival Classic

•  Large product window with optimal visibility of the offered items

• Cabinet illuminated by LED tubes

•  Large graphical display

•  Capacitive LED back lit keypad

•  Full out delivery bin

•  Rolling price display for simplified price change operations

•  Stratified temperature inside the cabinet

•  Front to front air circulation

•  Slide in/ slide out removal of the cooling unit

•  Excellent energy rating according to EVA EMP 3.0 protocol: Tango has reached A+ class

    thanks to a high efficiency cooling unit and LED lighting.


Height: 1830mm

Width: 880mm

Depth: 860mm

Weight: 280kg

Crane Merchant 4 & 6 Snack Machines

The Merchant Media® is designed to attract the consumer to the machine and inspire confidence. The new customer interface area has been styled in a high gloss, durable finish with LED surround lighting. The interface panel and LED lighting are customisable to any location or brand attracting more consumers and boosting sales. When the Media range is fitted with an intuitive payment systems the design is further enhanced with matching

coloured LEDs that backlight the transparent payment bezels. The Merchant Media comes with energy saving features as standard, with programmable LED lighting and awarded

A++ rating for energy efficiency. 78% of the machine is now recyclable at end of life.

Merchant® 4

Height: 1830mm

Width: 895mm

Depth: 810mm

Weight: 247kg

Merchant® 6

Height: 1830mm

Width: 1180mm

Depth: 810mm

Weight: 293kg

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